How my fantasy started

November 4, 2007

Just a note, this is all about my fantasies. I will not make this a reality as I am a happily married man, but have chosen this blog as an outlet for some of my fantasy thoughts. But I do hope you enjoy my fantasies 🙂 

First let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am 28 years old, white male athletic build and married. Ever since I saw my first interracial porn, I had this fantasy and desire to wrap my lips around a fat black cock. The way the white woman in the videos were bowing and submitting to these black men and their enormous dicks had my own cock rock hard and ready to release.

I should set the record straight. I have never actually sucked a dick other than my own, and that was the head at best. See, the desire to put a dick in my mouth has been with me for years, well before my desire to suck a black cock. Back when I was a little more flexible, I saw an online porn where a guy was flipped on his back with half of his dick in his own mouth. The desire to feel that as well as taste my own cum was strong. I had tasted my cum before by shooting in my hand and licking it, but I have found over the years that after experiencing my own orgasm, the desire to suck a dick or even taste cum is completely gone. So I knew if I could at least get in a position where I was enraged with desire to suck my own dick, that even if I had an orgasm, I would at least experience the cum shooting in my mouth for a few seconds before the desire went away.

So after a few tries and some sore backs, I finally got to a point where I was getting most of the head in my mouth. It was blissful. I got to the point of no return and started feeling my cum hitting the back of my throat and tongue. At first I swallowed and was turned off by the taste. I spit the rest in the sink.

However, I got the guts to finally just say ‘fuck it’ and swallow my load. So there I was, on my back, legs above my head with my cock head engulfed in my own lips and found the cum boiling in my balls. I let loose and immediately decided to start swallowing everything that came out. I had done it, I swallowed all my cum, though the after taste was still in my mouth after my orgasm.

I started experimenting with masturbation techniques to delay my orgasm and found if I got my self close to cumming, but stopped myself…sometimes cum would leak out into my hand. I would do this a couple times and would taste the cum. NO AFTERTASTE! It was awesome. I had a passion to swallow my cum even after I had already cum. So I experimenting multiple times to the point where I would literally drain my balls of cum even though I never fully had an orgasm, and I had swallowed all of my cum.

The desire to suck as much cock and swallow cum would overcome my senses. I knew if I had 2-3 cocks in front of me, as long as I never experienced an orgasm, I could suck their cocks to completion and enjoy the warm salty sensation of their sperm hitting the back of my throat and into my stomach.

I would often get off all the time watching porns of self sucking and male to male blowjobs. Believe me, I don’t consider myself “gay” per se as I love pussy and love getting sucked by my wife , as well as fucking the shit out of her…but my desires to blow a cock have always continued to be strong.

It wasn’t until watching some interracial porn where the black men were hung like horses did I have the overwhelming desire to fit as much black cock into my mouth as possible.

My next post will include a deep fantasy of being surrounded and forced to suck 10 hung black men. Stay tuned!